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You must preserve the assets that your business spent years accumulating, which includes inventory and tangible assets. The sophistication of the locks depend on the value behind the doors, such as sensitive documents and equipment worth tens of thousands. Recovering from a burglary can take months. In many cases, burglars strike multiple times if they see you as an easy target.

Commercial Locksmiths Guard Your Inventory

Every business—computer repair shops, home appliance stores, restaurants, clothing stores and technology companies—will manage an inventory worth thousands of dollars. Insurance may cover losses, but out-of-stock items will lose sales and potential revenue. Break-ins can also expose your company to costly lawsuits.

When you hire a commercial locksmith, such as DS Locksmith in North Wales, PA they will have a host of valuable tools that keep you safe. They can, for example, give a security assessment of your business to determine the break-in points. Not only will they evaluate the locks and security, but they can advise you on the most up-to-date technology that will make breaking in harder.

Installing High Security Locks

Installing high security locks offer drill protection that makes removing a lock with drilling impossible. You can tailor a high-security lock to fit your business needs. For example, if you have multiple locations, you can customize it for that location. Remote monitoring protects your business assets through alerts sent to your smartphone if someone messes with your Installing high security locks. The lock will come with steel bolts that can withstand kicking, ramming and sledgehammers. While it may cost more than other locks, most burglars will pick an easier target. Since most commercial burglaries are crimes of opportunity that happen when you close shop, how much security you install around the outside will determine if criminals go after it.

Minimizes Insurance Rates

Many times, insurance companies will lower the cost of your insurance because they base the cost on how much risk you pose. Make sure to tell them about the new installations to see how much you can save. To give an example, many insurance companies will lower your premiums anywhere from five to 20 percent when a commercial locksmith installs a CCTV system, integrates an alarm system or puts on better locks.

Minimizes Damage from Crimes

How much damage someone can do depends on the Installing high security locks installed on the perimeter. If they can access every room on the facility with nothing slowing them down, they can quickly walk off with thousands of dollars in merchandise. Many burglars will weigh the risk of being caught before they attempt to steal. Since millions of businesses exist, if they determine one as too high of a risk, they will search for easier targets. In fact, they may try to break your locks, but if they see that you have installing high security locks installed, they may look for greener pastures.

Safety for Employees

No employee wants to work in an environment where they stand a high risk of robbery or assault. Think of the employees at your business as assets. Their productivity will earn your company the necessary profits to stay afloat, but they need to feel safe to do their best work. When you Google, “Locksmith near me,” you can hire someone who will install locks to keep your employees safe. Along with that, doing this protects you from liability. You must demonstrate concrete evidence that your business took reasonable precautions to protect your employees from harm. If you don’t take these active measures and your employees suffer harm, the liability could fall on you. They could file a lawsuit that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, courts have awarded people millions of dollars when a business didn’t take the right precautions.

Protect Company Secrets

Every business will have its own way of protecting its secrets from theft. Once a business finds a sweet spot in the market, it can use this to generate thousands of dollars. Let’s say that someone decides to go after your company’s secrets to learn what made you so successful. The only thing stopping them from the secret files is the lock that your locksmith installed. Once they can slip past it, they can steal everything you worked hard to build. Keeping your secrets safe will ensure that your business continues to grow its revenues.

Installing an Access Control System

You don’t need to give everyone access to the entire facility, and in fact, you would be wise to only give access to areas where people have a purpose for being there. Designate specific areas to certain people while controlling the access for the rest. That especially comes in handy for sensitive areas where you want to know who enters and leaves. This can help you to learn who was in that area if there was ever a break-in.

Variety of Services Available

Some people only think of a locksmith as unlocking doors and installing new locks, but we want you to know that locksmiths can do much more than that. They have such a high return on investment because of how they offer businesses a variety of other services like:

At DS Locksmith North Wales, we have the expertise to assist you quickly and effectively. Businesses must take active measures to protect themselves from thieves. Having a locksmith on hand will protect the assets that companies worked so hard to accumulate. Even upgrading the locks can keep the thieves away since they usually want an easy target.


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