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Perhaps you saw the new keypad lock technology and wondered to yourself if it would make sense to buy the keypad lock for the front door or a lock with Wifi. Which one makes more sense? At DS Locksmith North Wales, PA we have the know-how to install either one. To be clear, many keypad locks come with Wifi, but a Wifi lock differs in that it has no keypad.

Keypad Lock vs WiFi Lock: Differences Explained

The key difference between the keypad and the lock with Wifi comes from the remote access. With a keypad, you must enter the correct PIN on the keypad. The compact design stands out less than the keypad. You can continue to use your existing keys with the Wifi lock with some of them if desired. In particular, that may help it to make more sense for renters who aren’t allowed to modify their doors.

Instead of having to manually lock and unlock the door, this lock does it for you. With this type of lock, your smartphone or smartwatch becomes the key.

The keypad offers similar features like remote access from afar, but it differs because everything centers around the keypad. You have many similarities like how you can offer guest keys to friends and family.

Security: Which is Better?

We wouldn’t call either superior because they both suffer from the same problem. Unfortunately, when you build a lock from a technology-based standpoint, it must defend itself on the mechanical and technological front. Traditional locks only need to defend themselves on the mechanical front. Both the keypad and the lock with Wifi use technology that makes it vulnerable.

Instead of recommending the keypad or lock with Wifi for security, we would advise that you choose a lock like this from a reputable and well-known brand. This lowers the risk that you would buy a lock with major security flaws that hackers can exploit. Think of the brand instead of the type of lock. If you don’t know what brand to choose, our locksmith company can make a recommendation based on our years of experience in the industry. We know the good ones and the ones to avoid from experience.

Lock with Wifi Eliminates the Extra Step

One of the advantages of the lock with Wifi comes from how it eliminates the need for a keypad. You can pull up your smartphone to access the information. For a lot of people, that makes more sense than a keypad. With both of them, you can issue guest keys, which can be advantageous. Let’s say that you have a cleaning company coming over to clean your home. You may feel uncomfortable with giving them a spare key. You never know if they might make copies of it and come back later to steal from the place. With either system, you can issue out a guest key that will expire after a time and prevent them from using it again.

Some Keypads Look Better Than Others

Many of the locks with Wifi look the same, but the keypads tend to vary more. Some will look more aesthetically pleasing than others and others will have a full 12-button keypad. Meanwhile, others will only have a small set of buttons, which can endanger security. With some keypads, they will lock the device for several minutes if the user fails to get in several times.

Some keypads will have Wifi and others won’t. The one thing about a lock with Wifi is that you may want to make sure that your smartphone has a constant Wifi connection. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to open the door to your home. For someone without Wifi, you’d be better off with a keypad that works even without the Wifi. You can use the locks with Wifi as long as you have a Bluetooth device, but if you don’t have Wifi, you probably don’t have Bluetooth.

Which One Should You Choose?

In truth, you don’t have much difference between the keypad and lock with Wifi. The keypad is a physical device, whereas the lock with Wifi unlocks the front door from the smartphone. That’s the biggest difference. You can also unlock the keypad door with the smartphone, depending on the lock brand, but many also allow you to unlock from the phone. For example, they allow for remote entry when far away.

With the keypad, you might choose it if you would prefer a physical keypad to enter the home. The lock with Wifi offers an advantage in that you can’t enter the home without the app. This means that someone off the street will need to know how to access the device and hack into it before entering the home. They can’t simply walk up to the door and start pushing numbers. In terms of cost, they both cost around the same price, so you don’t see much advantage in the price either way. If you want to control your lock remotely, choose a lock with Wifi.

Overall, we think that most people will get more from the lock with Wifi. It costs around the same, but someone can’t simply walk up and start pushing buttons. Unless you don’t have access to Wifi, we would recommend the lock with Wifi because of the slightly more advantages. However, if you want a smart lock, either one will do fine. Neither one gives you clear superiority over the other. For the most part, they operate in the same way except for one being a physical keypad and the other one having no physical keypad. Call DS Locksmith North Wales today if you’d like to have a smart lock installed.


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