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House locks are a standard security feature found in many homes. They are typically effortless to open, so you can grab your key or phone and unlock the door. Instances of people locking themselves out of their houses is not a new occurrence. With the advent of smart devices and locks, every day becomes a scenario where you could find yourself locked out. If you have found yourself in such an unfortunate situation, it might seem like there are no good options to get back into your house without damaging property or alerting the police. Here are the steps I would take if I locked myself out. DS Locksmith North Wales 

1. Contacting Your Landlord or Property Manager

Contact your property manager or landlord to ask for help because I locked myself out of my house. They might have security or home security systems, allowing them to access and unlock your house as quickly as possible. It is a great option to have a copy of your keys with you when you call the emergency number of your property manager.

2. Contact a Locksmith

Contacting a locksmith for a house lockouts services near me is something that most people who have locked themselves out of their houses do. It may cost you little, but it is worth it. A locksmith can help you with different changing locks vs rekeying locks types and give you a more effective solution than what you have been able to come up with on your own. The professional trusted locksmith should have the tools and knowledge needed to unlock your house. If I locked myself out, this would be my go to step.

3. I Locked Myself Out Of My House

You can take apart the door deadbolt locks and find a flathead screwdriver that you can use to open the lock on your door. Thread the flathead screwdriver through the hole and pry open the door knob. Before trying this method, ensure you do not have a deadbolt because if you do, you will need a unique tool to open it. I locked myself out of my house. Ensure that the door knob has not been tampered with, in which case you will have to hiring a locksmith to get in.

4. Break Into the House

If you cannot figure out a way to unlock your house, you can try to break in. This is a risky idea because breaking in could alert neighbors, police, and other people that may be around. If you try this method, ensure that your landlord or property manager has permitted you to enter your home because I locked myself out of my house. This is a last resort option because you have little to no control over the damage you may cause.

5. Ask a Neighbor For Help

If you live close to a handy person, they could assist you in getting inside. To help you in opening the door, ask them for a wire hanger, a screwdriver, or a shoestring. You may still knock on your neighbor’s door and ask if you can hang out at their house while you wait to get back into yours if they’re not very handy. This is especially useful when it’s too hot, chilly, rainy, snowy, or windy to spend much time outside.

6. See If a Window Is Open

If you cannot get into the house, you can try opening a window and see if you can climb in that way. You can also look for an unlocked attic or kitchen window. However, don’t forget about any screens that may be closed because they could provide a way of entry for your intruder. Try to find a window close to the ground for easy access.

7. Break Out Your Credit Card

Many people keep a credit card on them just in case they find themselves locked out by breaking into the house. In between the door and the frame, wedge your card. Jiggle the handle while doing this and apply pressure firmly. Alternatively, push your card against the locking mechanism to unlock the door.

8. Find Someone Who May Have a Key

If all other options have failed, you can find someone who knows you and may have a key to your house. You can call a friend, family member, neighbor, or even someone that knows the landlord. When looking for someone who may have a key, contact your employer or office and ask them if they have a spare set of keys. If not, try contacting your landlord and see if they have one.

9. Check Other Doors

If you cannot get into your house, check the other doors to see if they are unlocked. If you have found a door that is opened, you can see if it leads to the area where your keys are. If this door leads to a garage, you will have an easier time getting back into the house. If a garage is unavailable, look for another door that may be unlocked and call your landlord from there.

10. Pick the Lock

You could also search the Internet for images of breaking into a lock. If you have these images available, follow them step by step and see if you can figure out a way of picking it out of your house with little trouble. You can use flathead screwdrivers, bobby pins, and other tools to open the lock.

Rekeying Locks | How Often You Should Rekey Your Locks

Like with passwords, you have to change the locks on your business every once in a while as a precautionary measure against burglary. Employees often have access to everything in a business or home like filing cabinets and the locks for doors. That said, rekeying locks at your house or business every time someone leaves can lead to astronomical costs even for a bigger business. It also isn’t efficient because the threat may not even come from that direction, but you should take some precautions.

By following these steps, you can find a solution for getting into your house when locked out. Remember that there are many different methods that you can try, and it is recommended to try all of them if possible. If, I locked myself out of my house for any reason, none of the plans have worked or you can still not get into your house, call in a locksmith for a house lockout service.


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