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Home security does matter, and you want to install a deadbolt locks on your home because it offers extra security. Unlike with a regular lock, deadbolts don’t have springs, and that means that you can’t jimmy it open using a knife or credit card. It only moves when you turn the mechanism, and outsiders can’t easily use this for forced entry.

Deadbolt Locks Types

You have three different types of deadbolt locks, and they include:

Let’s start with keyless. This one has less security than the other surveillance cameras, and because they’re battery operated, they could fail with time. Double cylinder, on the other hand, you can open from both sides using a key. You might look at double cylinder deadbolts as the most secure option.

Still, this choice does put you at risk in the event of an emergency locksmith because of the extra home security measures. Finally, you have the single cylinder deadbolt locks. This type of lock has a key turner from the outside, and you have a thumb turner from the inside.

Why You Want a Deadbolt

Here at DS Locksmith North Wales, Pennsylvania, they have a high level of protection in comparison to what you get with a spring latch lock. You can’t pick this in the same way that you might pick a regular home lockouts. While you can force a spring lock, you can’t force a deadbolt in the same way. You can stop people who might simply break the lock, and at the same time, it discourages people from the start knowing that they can’t simply break it.

What Kind of Deadbolt Should You Choose?

Outside of choosing a deadbolt locks type, you have other things that you need to consider. For example, the lock should go in at least 1 inch into the door plate. The other thing is that the cylindrical part should spin freely because this ensures that burglars can’t use a pliers or ranch to pry it open. The other thing is that your lock should have no visible screws on either side of the door. As you can imagine, this becomes a big problem.

The other thing that you have to understand is that you need to choose a deadbolt locks that comes from a strong brand. In this way, they will be well made, and this will make it much harder to open.

How a Good Deadbolt Fails

Even with a solid deadbolt, you can’t stop a burglar if they truly want to get inside. If they want to get inside, they will find a way to do it even with a deadbolt. That said, a good deadbolt will have a bolt that extends into the jamb. In this way, they are more secure. You want to have a solid jamb around it, and that should especially come where you have mounted the deadbolt strike.

Let’s say that you have an intruder who decides to kick in the door. On a good deadbolt, the jamb will fail before the deadbolt itself fails.

To be clear, someone can break into the deadbolt lock, but it takes a lot more work than with spring deadbolt locks. You can’t use a credit card to slide it in and jimmy the lock.

Install Deadbolt

In general, you can install a deadbolt lock much easier than what you would believe. You can simply contact a local locksmith to have them come out and install it. Depending on your area, locksmith services you can have it installed for between $100 to $250, and it usually only takes a couple of hours to have it installed.

What to Understand

You do have some problems that can arise with a deadbolt. For example, while you might have a deadbolt, it won’t protect you from burglars that simply break a window. In some cases, if you have a side window in the door, they can simply shatter the glass to reach in and turn the deadbolt. For that reason, a deadbolt might be rendered ineffective if you have a side door for it. The other thing is that a well-placed kick can still shatter the lock and get you inside.

What to Add with a Deadbolt

Along with a deadbolt, you might add extra security for it. Bars, bolts and chains on the door can help you to increase the amount of security on your door to make it much harder for burglars to get inside. We have to understand the role of a deadlock is to add to the security rather than being the silver bullet of home security because it won’t necessarily protect you from this. That said, you might add this in combination with burglar alarms for extra home security.

Home security requires the careful assistance of an expert. Hire someone who can up the security of your home overall.

Here at DS Locksmith, we love helping people to increase their security so that they have greater peace of mind. We can conduct a home security assessment to determine the level of security that you have within the home. Our experts will look at everything within the home to determine the weak points, and we can help you to strengthen them so that you don’t become a target to burglars. Many times, they look for the weakest link, rather than target the home with the most security.



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