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Having spoken in conversations with people, you may have occasionally heard them say, “I had to hire a locksmith.” Not wanting to look foolish, you didn’t ask the burning question, but days later you still find yourself wondering. Maybe you even know the general tasks of a locksmith, but you’d like to learn more. We will explore that topic in-depth.

What is a Locksmith?

Locksmiths deal with locks and residential, commercial and industrial security. They can perform a variety of valuable tasks related to locks like:

As you can see, they perform no small number of tasks, but most people know them for unlocking their car door when they lock themselves out. They may know them for making a copy of their keys. Having a professional locksmith on hand can make a big difference. Through their emergency services, they can help you unlock the door so that you can get back in.

The Art of Defeating Locks

The professionals who enter the trade of locksmithing have made an art out of unlocking things for people. Many times, they can perform this service with a variety of locks. Most locksmiths will have a general knowledge of all the most common locks. You do have specializations that locksmiths might enter. For example, bank vaults require a special type of locksmith with the understanding of how to unlock them. Things that require additional security will often require a specialization. Some types of safes require it. One of the best ways to learn if a professional locksmith can perform a job is to first ask him. For most basic tasks like unlocking a car or home door, a general locksmith can do it.

Professional Locksmith

You have some cases where you need to have a lock repaired. Locksmiths can do this service as well, depending on the extent of the damage. In some cases, they might install a new lock altogether. You do have one case where you need a specialist. Let’s say that you have an old lock from the early 1900s that you want repaired. The lock’s classic victorian style makes it a favorite in your collection. Don’t take this lock to any general locksmith. You need to have a specialist who understands how to repair locks like this. Likewise, no reputable locksmith without the qualifications will take on a job like this for the fear of ruining the lock.

When Does Hiring a Locksmith Make Sense?

People have hired locksmiths for a multitude of circumstances, but one of the most common comes from when they want to unlock a car door, or they want to install new locks for the home. Other times to hire a locksmith include:

Locksmiths provide an invaluable service. You can’t understate the value gained from a service like this because the task would become harder without them. A locksmith will have the correct training and knowledge to handle the tasks with locks. Most locksmiths will have an extensive knowledge of locks that lets them employ several techniques to open the lock.

Quality Locksmiths: What to Look For

A reputable locksmith should never damage your lock to open it. Before they perform a technique that could damage the lock, they will request to perform it. Any locksmith that wants to go straight to drilling on the lock should be looked upon with suspicion. No reputable locksmith will go right into drilling on the locks because it will ruin the locks and cost more. First, he will try all the other techniques available. If that doesn’t work, he will first ask your permission. That has to do with ethics. You have many hardworking and skilled locksmiths in the profession, but the industry has had its share of con artists looking for a fast buck. Always use a locksmith that is licensed, insured and bonded.

Can You Trust a Locksmith

Licensing, bonding and insurance give you one indicator of a locksmith’s credibility, but you may want to research them ahead of time. Ask detailed questions and look at the reviews. Beware of locksmiths that have an 800 number because it indicates you have a locksmith who uses an out-of-state call center. Most reputable locksmiths will have a local phone number but not all.

Dealing with Security

Locksmiths will also deal with security. Because their work involves locks, they often have a lot to do with keeping burglars out. Many times, they will know the weak points on a property and how to strengthen security weaknesses. After a while of working in this business, specific patterns emerge. When a burglar hits your home, you should add additional security immediately. Once a burglar hits your home, they may come back multiple times, now feeling more comfortable with it. Installing new door locks and additional lighting on the property can go a long way to deterring them from making a return.

The professional locksmith of today performs an invaluable service for the community. At DS Locksmith North Wales, we have become a pillar. We look after our customers, and when you call us with a job, we respond promptly. Our technicians have licensing, bonding and insurance. People come to us because they trust us and have seen how we take care of our customers.


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