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Maybe you moved into a new home or had a falling out with a friend or family member. Perhaps you just want to upgrade the security of your home. You can choose from two types of lock changes, depending on the need. Here at DS Locksmith in North Wales, we can help you figure out what type of lock change suits you best.

Changing Locks vs Rekeying Locks

In some cases, you don’t need locks changes. You need to rekey the lock. You save money doing that. Rekeying makes sense for a few cases like:

You will find that rekeying makes more sense in most cases because it costs less than changing the locks altogether. Locksmiths charge between $50 to $100 to rekey a lock. To change a lock, locksmiths will charge between $80 to $300, depending on the lock.

On the other hand, changing a lock makes sense when you want to upgrade the security. The previous lock can’t hold out a burglar as well as the new lock. Have a locksmith install the new lock because this ensures that the lock was installed properly.

You should install a new lock for the following cases as well:

  • Want new hardware and technology in the lock

  • You have outdated locks on the home

  • Burglars broke into your home multiple times

Difference between Rekeying Locks and Changing Them

Rekeying differs from changing them totally in that the locksmith only switches out the internal mechanism of the lock. He doesn’t switch out the whole lock, which usually costs more. Rekeying commonly happens with apartments when new tenants move in. It costs less than installing new locks.

Locks changes involve a total switch of the lock. Doing this puts you at an advantage in that you can choose a new type of lock if you wanted that may not have been available before. For example, smart locks first entered the scene in 2011. During this time, manufacturers explored new features that customers could take advantage of. You might unlock the door from your smartphone now. The convenience calls many people to install locks like this, which requires a total changing of the locks.

How Do You Know the Right Lock for You?

You can evaluate the best lock for you through a series of factors to decide which one appeals the most to you. Some of the factors to consider include:

Each factor will determine the type of lock that you want to buy. Take your time when you decide. Our locksmith company can advise you on the available choices if you don’t know what you want.

Cases Where You Should Change Your Locks

You have cases where you need to change your locks because someone could take advantage of a security flaw. Some of the cases where you would want to change the locks include:

Replace your locks every seven years. Most locksmiths use this as the recommended mark, but you have factors that play into this such as how often you use the lock and what the lock looks like after time. Too much damage to a lock can make rekeying impossible. You can rekey a lock with a minimal amount of damage, but you shouldn’t try this with a lock that has extreme damage.

Why Go with Professional Installation

You should have a professional install your locks because it ensures that you properly install them. Think about it: When you pay up to $300 for a lock and choose the DIY method, you don’t know if you installed the lock correctly or not. A locksmith can spot incorrectly installed locks, and he can correct them. When he installs them, he has the understanding to properly install the lock, making the most out of your security.

Some people choose the DIY route without thinking of the long-term costs. Look at more than the upfront monetary value.

What Influences the Cost of Installing a Lock?

You have a couple of factors that influence the cost to install a lock. For example, do you have a lock that you want the locksmith to install or will he bring the lock over? Having a good lock doesn’t mean much if a burglar can kick in the door frame. The average person can’t spot the difference, but a locksmith knows when you need to reinforce your door frame for extra strength.

Interior Locks vs Exterior Locks

An interior lock differs from an exterior lock in its purpose. Being a homeowner, you may not understand the difference between the two types of locks. Exterior locks provide more strength because they experience more foot traffic. They offer greater sturdiness and resistance in comparison to interior locks. Locksmiths can point you to the right lock for what you need. Especially with exterior locks, you’d do well to have a locksmith install them.

Choosing the right lock comes down to knowing what you want ahead of time. Ask the locksmith if you don’t know. At DS Locksmith North Wales, we can provide you with recommendations for strong locks that protect you and your family. If you want greater convenience, the smart lock makes sense, but it doesn’t provide the most security. On the other hand, if you want a lock with top security, choose the more traditional route because you still can’t beat the traditional lock and key. Budget matters to a degree, but you also have to look at security because you don’t want a low-security lock if you care about your valuables.


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