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With technology growing in leaps and bounds, it makes sense that your household locks would be impacted at some point. You’ve probably seen neighbors opening up their front door with the wave of a key fob or punching in a number on a keypad. Replacing your mechanical locks looks attractive, but be aware of the benefits and drawbacks to smart locks first. Your local locksmith can explain every detail so that you can make an educated decision.

A Must for Busy Households

Carving out keys for every person in the household is a chore and investment. If you have a busy property, upgrading to smart locks is only natural. These locks use Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity to give you access to the home. Depending on the lock’s design, you might need a key fob, app or code to enter the building.

After a locksmith North Wales adds a smart lock to a home, the kids can enter the property after school without worrying about keys. This particular example is one of the main reasons to perform locks changes.

Understanding Vulnerabilities

A locksmith near me can tell you that smart locks do have their vulnerabilities. A key code might be overheard on the street when a resident offers the information to a friend, for instance. Anyone can enter the home with the code in mind.

Emergency locksmith services may be necessary if your smart lock is hacked by computer-savvy individuals. Mechanical locks never have this issue where software access unlocks the home. Speaking to your local locksmith about these vulnerabilities is important before any locks changes.

Pairing With Your Security System 

A perk that can be explained by a residential and commercial locksmith is lock integration with your security system. You might have several devices connected to your smartphone, such as:

Smart doorbells

Camera systems

A locksmith near me can connect a smart lock into this configuration. With an app on your phone, see visitors on your camera system as the doorbell activates. Remotely unlock the door to let friends in the home before you arrive. These conveniences are a major benefit to lock upgrades.

Dealing With Regular Maintenance

Smart locks have a sleek appearance, but that fact doesn’t mean that maintenance isn’t necessary. A locksmith North Wales should regularly test the lock and replace the battery when necessary. The lock will notify you when a battery is low. Allowing it to run dry causes problems with access in the future.

Your trusted residential and commercial locksmith can also improve the lock with manufacturer updates as they become available. Securing your home with well-maintained locks is crucial with any designs, including mechanical and smart types.

When you need everyday or emergency locksmith services, contact DS Locksmith out of North Wales, PA. Our team services both residential and commercial properties. From safes to front doors, no lock is a challenge for us. Allow our team to guide you through a repair or upgrade for a safe household or business every day.

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