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Knowing how to Unlock a Door without a key is a handy skill that can be of help in the event of an emergency lockout. For instance, what if you’re locked out of your house because you lost your key? This House Lockouts scenario has played out at least once for most people, causing them to question the best way to get back inside without a key.

People are creatures of habit. These habits leads to complacency. This complacent part of our nature effects our memories in small in subtle ways. We become lax. This leads to simple mistakes like forgetting keys on the way to work which results in House Lockouts later in the day.

Knowing how to unlock doors without the proper key in a House Lockouts situation is skill that will help when complacency sets in and the unfortunate happens. The following are six ways to open a locked door without the key.

1) Picking the Lock
Essentially this process aims to imitate the function of a working key. There is no a lock that can’t be picked. Unfortunately this process is easier said than done.

Most Commercial or residential locks are pin tumbler locks. The core components are the key pins, driver pins, springs and a plug. When the right key is inserted the plug can rotate.

Lock picking tools manipulate the pins inside the locking mechanism to allow the plug to rotate without the appropriate key. This takes practice, and a successful lock pick isn’t something that can be done in less than a minute. Still, with the right tools on hand you will never fear being locked out of your house again.

2) Bumping the Lock
This method has negative connotations, as criminals will often use this approach to gain illegal entry into homes. However, under the right circumstances and with the right person, lock bumping is a helpful way to get back into the house once you’ve locked yourself out.

Like lock picking, lock bumping requires tools. The main tools is bump lock. The maximum depth on the lock bumps grooves and cuts allow it to be used on multiple locking mechanisms.

Using it is simple, and takes much less time than lock picking. When used, the lock bump is inserted into the keyhole. Then pressure is applied with a blunt object, such as a hammer. If done correctly, the pressure pushes all the pins inside the lock, allowing the plug to rotate and unlock the door.

3) Using a Credit Card
Another popular method, most people have at least one card on hand at any given time. It can be any plastic resin debit, credit or store card that can be wedged into a door. Unlike the previous examples, this doesn’t require any special equipment.

Though not effective against deadbolt or a high-security lock, it works on simple latch locks that use a slanted latch bolt. The credit card method targets the slanted bolt and forces it to retract the latch which keeps the door locked. A sturdy card is a must, as a bit of force is used in the process.

To apply this method, simple slide the card towards the side of the latch bolt. This allows you to push against the latch bolt and loosen it from its resting position. While pushing you must also put pressure on the weight of the door.

4) Drilling the Lock
Just like it sounds, this involves take a power drill to the lock. It is a form of destructive entry, damaging your lock in the process. Afterwards you will need to have your Locks Change.

This method should not be used until all other options are exhausted. Try other ways of entry before resorting to this last ditch effort. Using a drill is not easy, but the process will only take a few minutes when done correctly.

Essentially, the drill uses brute force to overcome the locking mechanism. You will need to place the drill so that it penetrates the lock in such a way that the driver pins holding the lock in place are separated. Once this occurs, you can easily rotate the plug and unlock the door without a key.

5) Focusing the Door
A more roundabout way of doing things, this method seeks to ignore the lock and focus on the door itself. With no door, there is no problem gaining entry.

There are multiple ways to go about this such as using brute force. Simply kicking the door down or ramming it to dislodge the lock from the door jam. A more elegant way is to remove the hinges on the door, and take it off the wall.

Kicking or ramming the door puts considerable force on the lock, likely destroying it in the process. Afterwards you will most likely need to get your Locks Change. Like the drill, this method should be one of the last options considered. If this method is used, forced should be concentrated near the lock itself.

Removing the door hinges takes much less force, and decreases the chances of the lock being damaged. Be aware that without the hinges to hold the door, all the weight is concentrated on the lock, which may cause the bolt without the lock to bend out of shape, which can unfortunately require getting Locks Change.

6) Calling a 24 hour locksmith
This is sometimes the best solution. Some people are hesitant to call for help, preferring to do things themselves, but a locksmith is a licensed professional you can always reach out to for assistance when you find yourself in an emergency lockout situation.

A 24 hour locksmith will use some of the skills already mentioned, such as lock bumping, and have all the tools and experience needed to do so quickly and without issue. A locksmith is also able to bypass a door if the lock itself is damaged.

Knowing how to Unlock a Door without a key is a handy skill to have when you have a problem with an emergency lockout. Remember that these methods should only be apply to your own property, or a lock that you have permission to bypass.



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