Expanding Your Business: When New Locks Make Sense

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Expanding Your Business: When New Locks Make Sense | Ds Locksmith North Wales

Expanding Your Business: When New Locks Make Sense

Your business is growing. A small suite is now expanding into the neighboring space as customers flock to your company. Some businesses move to a completely different location as an alternative. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. However, don’t forget about the importance of your commercial building’s locks as you expand and prosper. Familiarize yourself with today’s products as your commercial needs change. Locks are just as important as quality employees.

Prioritizing Safety

A certain level of employee turnover is part of the business world. You collect keys from people as they leave the company, but you never know if there are duplicates floating around.

Prioritize safety by changing your business’s locks. By using the expansion as an excuse, changing the locks doesn’t worry your current employees. If there are any spare keys outside of the employee pool now, they’re rendered useless. You create a safe space within the building as you also guard your product or service.

Discovering Digital Solutions

Instead of rekeying your locks, think about an upgrade to digital products. Doors with passkeys or coding are perfect for offices that are full of sensitive areas. Engineering and design spaces are good examples of areas that should be secured with digital access.

There are several types of digital-access products, so speak to a locksmith about your particular needs. They can walk you through the setup process with easy access for your core employees. Everyone will feel more secure with digital access on a daily basis.

Considering Emergency Alternatives

Your company may have dozens of more employees now. It’s one of the reasons why an expansion is necessary. If there’s ever an emergency at your facility, however, everyone needs a quick way to exit the building. Expanding Your Business: When New Locks Make Sense

Install panic or crash bars on specific doors. These horizontal bars make exiting very simple, and you can lock these areas whenever necessary. Panic bars also impress your insurance company, which means that rates may drop in some cases. Protecting your clients and crew with panic bars is a great way to update the new space. Expanding Your Business: When New Locks Make Sense.

Surveillance Cameras

Or Homeowners can double down by placing alarm sensors in their doorways to detect unauthorized access, while simultaneously having a surveillance camera, such as the Piper security camera, RCA Smart Doorbell Home Security Wifi Video Camera with Mobile Doorbell Ring trained on the location of your doorway. Some of these surveillance cameras can be mounted on the door frame itself, or within close proximity to it to give you a wider angle and, perhaps, a better view. Homeowners who do make use of surveillance cameras will have them installed outside of their front door or back door.

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