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Loosing or Locking Your Keys Up Too Often? Check Out These Potential Solutions!

“WHERE ARE MY KEYS!?!?” Surely you have either screamed it or heard someone holler that statement. It happens ALL. THE. TIME. The keys are again, nowhere to be found! You have dug, paced and prayed until you are basically worn out. You just don’t know what else to do!

It Happens All the Time

You came out of the grocery store, and you went to put your groceries away and could not find them. Then your remember. Somehow again you locked them in your trunk, when you went to grab your reusable grocery bags. You remember placing your keys on top of little Suzy’s softball glove next to her bat and cleats. Surely you or Suzy wouldn’t have forgotten to take the glove, bat and cleats to the field. Wait!!! You were at the grocery store, not the ball fields! House lockouts or car lockouts.

Lockouts Types

After going to bed early and already waking up an hour before your normally do, you make it to your car realizing you will make it to work on time and be able to get your Starbucks en route. The rainy skies won’t dampen YOUR day! But, as you button up you rain jacket and admire your new galoshes again just before exiting the house lockouts, you realize again your keys are missing. Again, you start panicking. You retrace all of your steps. Something to tell you to check out the Jack and Jill bathroom your sons share. Somehow little Tommy snuck away from his bowl of Cheerios and decided to throw your keys, along with his bad report card in the bathroom behind the backup toilet paper area, and he locked the door behind him. He somehow thought it might be easier to find it in the fireplace, refrigerator or trash can…his usual hiding spots.

Local Locksmith

A locksmith comes out, and you once again have to pay to the fee. They get the job done quickly, and you go about your day. You have work that must get done, errands to be run, kids to take care or AND get onto, and you just want to get everything done! You try to find the silver lining. When you finally get into your trunk with your groceries, you find the spare key that was missing for the last three months had been tucked within your stack of re-usable bags. The bathroom door opens and next to your keys and Tommy’s report card are the last minute notes you jotted down for the weekly pow wow with the executive team that sat in a folder with a stacks of items to go through, including Tommy’s D in English.

Locksmith Near Me

The groceries are consumed quickly like always by your always hungry kids, and you nail the strategy session at work as usual, and the team moves forward with your recommendations, as the company owner watches and sings your praises. But you just cannot for the life of you figure out why these types of situations with your keys keeps on happening! You also have no idea as to what would be the best way to prevent it from happening anymore!

Key and Lock Solutions from DS Locksmith

Here at DS Locksmith in North Wales, PA we have witnessed these types of lockouts situations that moms and dads run into all the time. And it’s not just the parents out there that get bogged down and stressed out by these types of lockouts issues. Whether your a first timer or it has just become something that you expect to happen, you being lockouts of a vehicle or any space can be just a flat out nuisance. Trust us. We FEEL your pain!

Our 24 hour operation lockouts has an experienced and trusted team that you can always turn to if you find yourself locked out. No matter the time of day or year, we provide quick, friendly and dependable service that people in and around Montgomery County have continued to turn to and trust for years.

Of course we will be there, when in need. However, we want to help you mitigate these types of events from happening as much as possible. Our team thought it might be a good idea to see if we could come up with some ideas to share to our blog that would help you. After we took some time to sit down and think about the different scenarios we have encountered, we came up with with a few suggestions, or tips as you may call them, to hopefully help stop these types of instances from occurring. We broke it down to ten solutions that you can consider.

Ten Tips To Prevent Key Loss And Lock-Outs

1. Have a Designated Key Area in Your Home

Making sure that keys are returned to the proper spot is a great way to minimize key loss, and it makes it easier to quickly turn to spares in the event of a lockout. All kinds of products that can go inside of cabinets and drawers and on interior walls are made for key storage. Try to create an area that is out of the reach of children.

2. Tuck Away A Spare at Work

Where are you usually, when not home? You are at work more than likely. Work makes for a great space to keep an extra set. It is your designated space too, and you will be able to find them faster. Consider letting a trusted colleague know of this location if you would like to have someone to contact in case of a key related emergency.

3. Use A Larger Key Chain

Are you one of those people that has a lot of keys for all types of purposes? Is the key to the ball field gate in your glove-box? Is the key to the storage facility in you overhead compartment? Have you been keeping the spare house key and other spare keys in your purse thinking how accessible they will be, without forgetting how fashion forward you are with your purse for every occasion wardrobe? Don’t hesitate about having a larger key chain! You might just need one.

4. Color Code Your Keys

It is not a bad idea at all to color code your keys. For example, consider marking all home related keys blue, work related keys yellow and keys for the church, ball fields and the storage unit red. You can also code each different key its own unique color. Colored key covers as well as colored keys can be purchased. Keys can also be found in all types of designs. Go with the camouflage key for your backyard shed, the Steelers key for your sons truck and an Eagles key for your dad’s house. All kinds of options exist, when it comes to using color to organize and stop your crazy, key madness.

5. Make the Most of Magnetic Key Holders

Magnetic key holders make for a great option. They are hard to notice too! Place your keys in them and tuck the holder away in areas like under your car, behind gutters and under garden rocks.

6. Entrust A Trusted Neighbor with Spares

It is always a good idea to turn to a trusted a neighbor with a dilemma. That’s what friends are for, right? That and sitting with you, while the kids’ basketball game sits at 2 to 0 with ten seconds left in the fourth quarter. Ask your neighbor if s/he will keep a spare for you.

7. Turn to Technology

All kinds of products like Bluetooth key finders and key locating products exist these days. If you buy one of these products make sure you know what you are buying and from whom you are making the purchase. Also, be sure to know all the details of your product. You don’t want to try and use a technology only to know you missed the software update or forgot to notice the device ran on AA batteries, instead of the AAAs you have in your hand. Look at the Apps store on your mobile device too. There are all sorts of platforms for mobile phones and tablets to choose from out there.

8. Organize and Clear the Clutter

A messy space makes for disorganization. They say some of the brightest people of all time were messy. Nobody though ever talks about whether or not those people could keep up with their keys. Any of the ideas we have provided so far will help you with organization, but your overall lifestyle when it comes to organization may need a little or a lot of fine tuning. If you keep misplacing your keys or cannot find the spares consider re-approaching your approach to organization.

9. Use A Lanyard or Carabiner

Clip a lanyard or carabiner to your pants loop, and keep your keys at your side. Both of these products can help you greatly. The lanyard retracts so if push comes to shove you can keep the lanyard attached to your key, even when driving. Carabiners are great for industrial settings.

10. Remind little Tommy to play with his t-ball set and not your keys.
This one is mostly meant to make you laugh. We hope at least. In all seriousness though, remind your children that certain things are off limits. Aren’t they aware of the repercussions for touching dad’s six pack.? Remind them and everyone in your home that certain things have certain uses for certain people.

Leave It to DS Locksmith to Handle the Rest

We hope that the above suggestions will help prevent future key loss and lockouts. We know how frustrating it is, when it does happen. Nobody likes to have their day interrupted for reasons like this, and nobody likes to pay the unexpected costs to remedy the situation. By focusing on any of the above strategies, you should be able to mitigate these situations from happening anymore.

If these tips don’t help you stop losing keys or locking yourself out, seek help! Talk to a key loss mental health professional. Psych…trying to make you laugh again!

Just give us a call, and we will come help you out again or for the first time. DS Locksmith phone number is (215) 857-5333. Our team stands by to help you, and we promise to give you exceptional service. Turn to us not just for lock outs! We offer a full line of services related to keys and locks. Our teams can handle any key related issue concerning your home, place of employment, vehicles, safes and other secured places and items. Learn more about our company at dslocksmithnorthwales.com.

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