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Locksmiths can be compared to gate keepers or wizards with the almost magical and seemingly life saving services they provide. Their significance can be compared to the key maker from the “Matrix Reloaded” movie. A true master locksmith can assist with residential, commercial, automobile, safe, security, and other services. The North Wales area of Pennsylvania happens to be fortunate enough to be serviced by the excellent skill of Locksmith Services in North Wales, who are masters at what they do.

Residential Services

Your home is your sanctuary and castle; such fortresses during medieval times had walls, drawbridges, towers, archers, and other robust defenses. The main defense for your home is effective strong locks to help protect you from dangers that can be lurking outside. Safety should be a primary concern when thinking about effective residential locks on your doors and can be a common reason to summon the services of a local locksmith.

If your lock fails to effectively lock, would be intruders can simply open the door and walk in like they own the place. If your locks are weak, they can be more easily picked and compromised, which also results in convenient entry for thieves, burglars, and other criminals. Lock changes from weak or faulty locks can help protect property, loved ones, and your life. Besides ineffective locks, there are other reasons to need professional lock assistance.

Lockouts often occur at home and gaining entry without breaking a window or kicking in your door should be handled by a professional locksmith. Locks Changes when your keys are lost gives peace of mind from somebody finding or stealing them and being an uninvited guest to your home. Regardless if you need home locks changed, duplicate keys made, or access because of a lockout, your wish will be the command of Locksmith Services in North Wales.

Commercial Services

Commercial locksmith services typically requires more enhanced security and locks. Businesses have to worry about disgruntled former employees, angry customers, pirating thieves and a plethora of other security risks. Many companies also house sensitive or confidential information that needs to be protected from white collar crimes and the sort.

Effective locks to limit entry to these locations throughout the interior of the property to certain employees and clients to coordinate security risks is an advantage of a well planned lock system in a commercial property. Landlords, property managers, and motel owners also have an extra incentive to keep a professional locksmith on standby. Changing locks after tenants move out or after problematic guests leave who take keys with them can be a potential threat for future residents.

Commercial locks and security systems should be more elaborate and thought out than most residential set ups and having a competent, dependable, and trustworthy Locksmith Services in North Wales is even more important than other situations. Everything from workplace shootings from disgruntled employees to spies from competitive companies to robbers can be deterred with effective locks. DS Locksmith are experts with delivering the special lock needs of businesses big and small. Everything from small business locations to massive corporate offices are served to make them more protected as well as easily accessible.

Locksmith Services in North Wales

Car Lockouts

Being locked outside your car is one of the most common reasons people ask themselves the question “where is a locksmith near me”. If you are in the North Wales area, that answer is DS Locksmiths. Almost everyone has locked themselves outside their car at one time or another and having a go to trustworthy locksmith already in mind and saved to your phone can save you time, hassle, and money.

It can also minimize the time you’re in a dangerous situation such as being stranded in an unsavory or harsh area. Regardless if you lock your keys inside the car, completely lost them, or the lock simply won’t work even with the key, professional locksmiths can gain you access to your precious vehicle and have you back on the road in no time. Locksmith Services in North Wales. Opening a locked automobile door is often a quick process for skilled technicians and is a better option than yanking on the door insanely or sticking clothes hangers through the window like you’re Macguyver.

While traveling through the beautiful roads in the North Wales area, keep DS Locksmiths on speed dial in case the unplanned happens so it can be quickly resolved. Besides gaining access to your vehicle, automobile emergencies also include being unable to crank the car because of a damaged key or ignition lock. Locksmiths can also replace a driver key or change out the ignition lock you stick the key in to crank the vehicle, cheaper than most mechanics.


Safes are a particularly time sensitive situation for businesses and can also be very problematic for personal safe owners. Safes are valuable assets of protection from stealing and thievery, for homes and especially for businesses. This deters armed robbers and petty thieves and burglars alike. When you lose access to your safe because of a bad lock, bad key, forgotten combination, or other faulty mechanism, it can slow or completely cease business or personal endeavors that require those funds.Locksmith Services in North Wales.

Businesses can’t make deposits to the bank, drawers full of money has no where to go, change can’t be made for big bills, and specific purchases are not feasible. An employee’s life could be in danger because a criminal demands the safe open while holding the victim at gun point and it doesn’t open because it’s broken. A bill or emergency possibly can’t be taken care of if the personal home safe does not open. On the contrary a safe that doesn’t effectively close or lock defeats the whole purpose of the safe’s existence and can result in your money and other precious items being stolen. SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof

Regardless if it’s in the middle of the busy work day or at midnight, Locksmith Services in North Wales is here to assist you and gain you access while restricting the unauthorized from the contents of your safe. It is strongly not recommended that you attempt to forcefully open the safe yourself as it can be dangerous for the safe, your contents, and you. DS Locksmith are masters of opening combination safes with wheel packs, electronic safes with digital code entry, and others. Accessing the safe can be something more subtle such as lock manipulation or something more robust like drilling the safes.

24/7 Assistance

One of the most inconvenient aspects of being locked out or needing a locksmith for other services is that it often happens at the worst of times. You get locked out of your car while you are in the middle of a time sensitive work assignment or you get locked out of your house late at night when you’re sleepy and ready to go to bed. This unfortunate luck when it comes to timing with faulty locks or user error is why many professional locksmiths including DS Locksmith are 24/7 to better assist with emergencies and bad timing. Locksmith Services in North Wales.

Only working the traditional 9-5 would cut out the majority of some locksmith’s business and would make things even more problematic for you, the customer. So it doesn’t matter if you’re locked out your house, locked out your car, can’t gain access to your safe, or some other locksmith service, you can be served at anytime and any place.

Also, Locksmith Services in North Wales is very fast and punctual so the time sensitive scenarios of you being in a hurry will be kept in mind as their techs are swift in the travel to you and in executing the job. It is good to keep your locksmith company number saved in your phone so in the moment of an emergency, precious time isn’t wasted trying to research, verify, and contact a locksmith that is new and hasn’t been vetted.

Security Cameras

Having strong effective locks is the heart of a secure safe home and should be the primary focus. If the lock is the heart then the eyes of a complete system is CCTV security cameras. This lets you see threats to your home and property while you’re not home and can help identify would be intruders. Blink XT Home Security Camera System This gives an extra peace of mind to know that even in your absence, you can know what’s going on at your castle.

It’s like having gargoyles perched on the walls guarding the royal home. These cameras can be installed inside and outside the home with various setups and operational controls. The cameras can also be accessed and viewed while on the go with the current available mobile technology. Security cameras are installed by DS Locksmith and makes an ideal inclusion and upgrade when changing locks or doing other security enhancements.

The effectiveness of cameras are tried and tested. Merely seeing them is often a deterrent to would be criminals and not seeing them leads to them getting exposed and caught in the act. Other aspects of home security can also be discussed and advised by Locksmith Services in North Wales. If they do not provide the actual service, they can give you insight and set in the right direction to accomplish your goals. In the event that something unfortunate happens at your home you can feel more confident knowing that you have a witness watching 24/7 in your camera.

Locksmith Services in North Wales

North Wales is a beautiful and historic suburb of the greater Philadelphia area and it is truly a spectacular place to be. It has a welcoming ambiance, cozy atmosphere, and great neighbors. It has the perfect balance of being close enough to the city to be convenient but far enough to be able to stop and smell the roses. Locksmith Services in North Wales This neighborhood has many beautiful homes and vehicles parked in the driveways.

It feels like traditional America and while America is known for being courteous and generous, we lock our doors at night. This concept is no different for North Wales. The peaceful nature of the suburb is amazing, but it doesn’t change the fact that crime can happen anywhere. North Wales is also close to the inner city of Philadelphia, which has more than it’s fair share of crime. This makes strong locks and cameras important in North Wales as burglars typically target the nicer near by suburbs during the day for home invasion and burglary.

Also in the event that you lock yourself out the house or out the car in your driveway, a local near by professional is a much quicker, cheaper, and convenient proposition that hiring someone from Philadelphia or further. DS Locksmith is your local locksmith when pondering “locksmith near me“. DS Locksmith has been vetted with great reviews and comments from many residents of and travelers through North Wales.

They are experienced professionals that are courteous, respectful, and here to serve you. Regardless if the issue is commercial, residential, automobile, home, safe, CCTV camera related or something else less common they are here ready to share their expertise. During an emergency lockout or routine locks changes, it’s best to have DS Locksmith number saved in your phone for peace of mind.


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