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Criminals never sleep, and if they believe they can walk away with thousands of dollars in cash, they will do it. You have to take measures to protect your business from ruin. Like with passwords, you have to change the locks on your business every once in a while as a precautionary measure against burglary. Employees often have access to everything in a business like filing cabinets and the locks for doors. That said, re-keying the locks at your business every time someone leaves can lead to astronomical costs even for a bigger business. It also isn’t efficient because the threat may not even come from that direction, but you should take some precautions.

Consistency Matters

While you don’t have a set plan on how often you should rekey your locks, you should remain consistent with how you rekey your locks when possible. Take precautions. You never know when you will be glad you did. Here at DS Locksmith in North Wales, PA we usually recommend that businesses rekey their locks every six months to two years. This depends on the size of your business and the threat to it.

You have a couple of factors that determine frequency, such as:

  • How easy can they copy the keys?
  • Do you have a high turnover rate?
  • How big is your company?
  • What’s the net worth of your company?

Cases Where You Shouldn’t Wait

You have some circumstances where you need to rekey your locks and fast. If you don’t rekey your locks, the risk is high that someone might break in using the keys that you gave them. For example, if someone has already broken into your property, you might stave them off through rekeying your doors, especially if there seemed like no obvious entry point. In many cases, burglars will hit a place multiple times if it is easy to access because they feel more comfortable with it.

Rekey Your Locks

The other case where you might want to rekey your lock is when you have someone who left the company, and they might be a big security risk. For example, they had access to some of the most essential parts of your business, and they left it unhappy. You might rekey the locks as a precautionary measure. If you ever have a reason to believe that someone might try to break into your property, you may want to consider rekeying the locks.

Beware of Giving out Keys

You have to exercise caution when you give out keys because any time that someone has touched a key, even if they were an employee, they put your company at risk. In some cases, they might have a spare copy made as a way to come back and access the business later for criminal purposes.

Moving to a New Location

Whenever you move to a new office or building, you should always have the locks rekeyed. You never know who had the key to that building last, and you don’t know if they might come back and try to use the keys. In this way, you keep your business safe from people who would use this against you. Along with that, this gives the locksmith near me the chance to analyze your security at the new place, and they can determine if you might need a new setup altogether. For example, he might look at the door frame to see a weakness that burglars could take advantage of. Never assume that just because people gave the key back that they don’t have a second copy.

As a security measure, even after they have constructed a new building, the construction workers have what is known as a builder’s key. This means that they will drop some of the ball bearings before they hand you the final copy to make sure that none of the construction workers have access to the business.

Old or Damaged Locks

You might also consider rekeying the locks if you notice that you have outdated locks. Especially on older buildings, this becomes common, and burglars even look for older buildings because they tend to have less security. You don’t want to make it easy for them. Replace locks if they look old or rusted because this increases the security of your business. A burglar strikes every 25.7 seconds in America, so we must take extra precautions to stop it from happening.

Beware of Buying from Big Box Stores

Let’s say that you have chosen to buy your locks and security from big box stores. You have one key problem with this. Big box stores have been known to sell smart homes locks that were made with plastic, which obviously doesn’t provide you with the level of security that you might hope for. A professional locksmith near me, on the other hand, can install a lock that specializes in security, and especially for a business, you want top-grade security. You don’t want to leave anything to chance. The average burglary cost of locksmith small businesses $2,600. Considering a burglar often strikes more than once, you want to find the weak point and reinforce it.

If you have dealt with burglary in the past at your business, you may want to hire DS Locksmith to come in and protect you. They can look at the weaknesses in security and show you how to improve them. How often you should rekey your locks will depend on your circumstances, and our lockouts locksmiths will look over your situation to determine how to proceed with it. This can help to make more sense out of it so that you can learn how to proceed. Burglary is harmful to our society, and we need to take actions to stop it.


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