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Problems with Locks

There are few things more frustrating than being locked out of your own home or vehicle. Having a problem with your locks can cause you stress, and it will typically happen at the least opportune time. Broken locks or keys, losing your keys or a non-responsive keypad or smart lock are some typically problems that a professional local locksmith can help you straighten out.

Your Key Breaks Off in the Lock

Most people never even think about their key breaking as they put it in the lock. Then the key snaps as they turn it. This is one of the biggest problems people face, with the key breaking off in the lock and having part of the blade staying in the lock. This is often caused by damage to the mechanism from too-hard use. Problems with Locks. This nightmare scenario can usually be avoided by opening or closing the lock gently.

Your Key Won’t Go Into the Lock

Another problem is the key will not go in the lock. Sometimes this is as simple as getting your keys confused and trying to put the backdoor key in the front door lock. This is an easy, and common, mistake to make when it is dark or you are tired or in a hurry. Before calling a locksmith, check to be sure you have the right key. Try color coding your keys or key rings if this is problem you run into frequently. If a mistaken key isn’t the problem the key may not have been cut correctly or something may be jammed inside the lock mechanism.

The Locks Turn Slowly

This problem is typically associated with the lock itself, and not with the key. If your lock turns slowly there may be a buildup of grime or dirt that is causing the lock to stick. You can try cleaning the lock with some lubricant and a cotton swab. However, it is best to not lubricate the lock with standard grease or oil, as these can become gummy and make the problem even worse. Instead, use a spray lubricant specially formulated for this purpose. If this doesn’t work you will need to call a professional locksmith for assistance. Problems with Locks.

Latch Won’t Close

If the door latch won’t close your locks won’t work either. This is a problem with the structure of the door, and is typically the strike plate and door jamb not lining up properly. This can often be corrected by a simple adjustment, or you may need to have the mechanism replaced.

Lost Keys

Many people will tend to panic, at least a little, when they lose their keys, but a professional locksmith can typically cut new keys in a few minutes. However, sometimes it will be less expensive to have a new lock installed. Here is where the advice of a reputable locksmith can save you money!

Stuck Deadbolt

A sticking bolt means there is an issue with the locking mechanism and typically requires professional expertise. Usually this will indicate the tumblers are worn and will usually be beyond the capabilities of the homeowner to fix.

Keypad Locks

Keyless locks have some real advantages. However, like keyed locks, keypad-style locks can also experience problems. Keypad locks work without a key, but with either a mechanical or electronic mechanism where a code or combination of buttons are pushed to gain entry. Additionally, “smart” locks work with your mobile phone or Bluetooth-enabled device where a wireless signal will open the lock. Problems with Locks. These types of locks eliminate most of the above listed problems, but do have some issues unique to keyless locks. For issues with keypad locks you will need a local locksmith who has the training and equipment to work on these types of locks.

Functionality Problems

As convenient as keyless locks are, there will be the occasional issues that will cause the locks to not operate properly. Sudden or drastic weather changes will sometimes cause keyless locks to malfunction. Additionally, software glitches or other “bugs” can cause keyless locks to malfunction. Because of these potential problems, it is a great idea to have a backup a master key for those occasions when technology lets you down.

Power Failure

Typically, electronic-style keypad locks are battery operated. While the batteries can last for several months, or even a year in some circumstances, batteries will eventually fail and need to be replaced.

Fingerprint Copying

Mechanical and electronic keypads can be scanned for fingerprints by both high- and low-tech devices that will allow burglars to figure out the pass code. Problems with Locks.


While keyless locks are gaining appeal, unfortunately, any type of electronic device can be hacked. This is especially true of a lock that uses wireless technology, like a Bluetooth device (Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lock). For this reason, given the current state of technology, many security experts warn against using the devices. While these types of intrusions are really not that common, if you have some sort of keyless lock, especially one that is internet enabled, it is a wise investment to beef up your cyber-security measures. Finally, many of the lower-tech electronic locks (Schlage Keypad Entrycan be defeated with a remote control or taken apart and “hotwired” with just a screwdriver.


A good standard deadbolt lock can be had for less than $100. However, keyless locks will set you back quite a bit more than that, with many state-of-the-art electronic wireless locks running your bill up several hundred dollars!

How do I find a reputable locksmith near me?

If you are facing any of these issues with your locks your best bet is to call a reputable local locksmith for help and advice. However, the question that many people ask when they find themselves in need of a locksmith is: “How do I find a reputable locksmith near me?” The two best ways of finding a trustworthy, professional locksmith is by asking your family, friends and coworkers and by visiting the websites of credible locksmith organizations. Additionally, be sure to check the credentials of any locksmith that comes to you. Make sure, at a minimum, that they possess a valid state license.


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