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Maybe you thought to buy a more expensive lock, but you wonder if the higher cost will improve security. Many business owners and homeowners ask the same question. At DS Locksmith, this question pops up again and again. Generally speaking, expensive locks have higher security because of higher quality materials. That doesn’t mean that higher-priced locks will automatically offer more security. You have to understand a few things.

Deadbolts Offer More Security

You can’t go wrong with a deadbolt on your door. Deadbolts lack a spring like with other locks, and because they have no spring, they don’t respond to jimmying with a crowbar, which adds to your security. At DS Locksmith Lansdale, we’d recommend you buy a deadbolt because it improves security. In particular, look for the classic deadbolt.

Smart Locks: Good Choice?

Smart locks entered the market with a splash. They came with a higher price tag, and while the technology looks cool, does it deserve the hype? At DS Locksmith North Wales, we believe smart locks have their place, but you’d be mistaken to think of them as the most secure option. Smart locks weaken security because they have to protect on two fronts: technologically and mechanically. Regular locks only have to protect you mechanically, but cybercriminals have been known to hack smart locks. Unfortunately, if you buy the wrong smart lock brand, hacking them isn’t too difficult. Buy from a reputable brand that regularly updates its security with patches.

An expensive lock like the smart lock can provide you with increased security if you buy the right one, but you have to exercise caution. The key selling point with smart locks comes from the convenience of not needing a key. No matter what lock you buy, every lock serves the same purpose of keeping you and your family safe.

Locks Look for Trustworthy Brands

You can get misled if you only look at the price tag. The brand selling the lock matters as much as the price tag. In general, popular lock brands do well because you know the quality that you receive with it. Each of the brands holds its own patents and technologies to make the locks increasingly secure.

Check the Reviews

Read through multiple reviews. Even after you have found a reputable lock brand, each model differs in quality. You want to ensure that the price paid will be worthwhile. That means carefully reading each review and weighing the pros and cons of each lock model. Expensive locks from reputable brands will generally mean increased security, but you still have to research the lock you plan to buy. You could also request a recommendation from a reputable locksmith.

Doing Locks the Right Way

If security concerns you, hire a locksmith to install the lock. You can take the DIY approach, but improperly installed locks lower security. Even a quality lock from a trustworthy brand can be bad if installed incorrectly. With professional installation, you ensure that the locks get installed in the right way.

Does the Security Warrant the Extra Cost?

In many cases, paying for a high-security lock won’t warrant the cost. Ask yourself what you have in the home of high value? Burglars don’t always break in through the front door. You could install a high-security lock only to have them smash a window. If you increase the security at the front door, add security to the other parts of the home as well, or the high cost of the lock may not be worth it. Burglars who want into your home will find a way if they want it badly enough. Oftentimes, a burglary happens as more of an opportunistic crime where they could steal easily from the victim.

What are the Most Secure Locks

Understanding the most secured locks can help you to choose the right kind. Here’s a list of some of the best lock types:

Understanding Lock Quality

The American National Standards Institute examines and assigns ratings for each of the locks that it grades. The ratings score a lock based on durability and how much impact it can withstand at forced entry. Grade 1 refers to a lock with the highest score possible. Previously, you could only buy them for industrial settings, but residencies have begun to adopt them on a smaller scale. The doorknob must withstand 800,000 cycles, six door strikes and a 360-pound weight test.

Next, you have Grade 2. Many of the locks found in homes today use Grade 2, which offers plenty of security. They were manufactured with stainless steel. Finally, you have Grade 3, which you may want to look for Grade 2 or higher if you care about security. Grade 3 uses substandard materials, and while it holds up to a weak force, it fails most durability and force tests. If you want higher lock quality, don’t look at price, look at the grading system.

DS Locksmith North Wales

Hopefully, this sheds some light on locks and security. Expensive locks can mean additional security, but you should look closely at the features and the grade of the lock. At DS Locksmith North Wales, we will examine the lock you want to pick to ensure that you have chosen a good one. If requested, we can advise you on a good lock to buy. Since we work with them daily, we understand the locks and which ones hold up in a test of security. Good locks don’t always deter a burglar, but it adds peace of mind and can help in some cases.


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