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Adding or swapping out a lock on the front door used to have few options. You simply bought an exact replica of your old lock, including components for deadbolts and doorknobs. Today’s options are much more varied, however. If you’re considering an upgrade from traditional to smart locks, take a look at a few details that may help you decide between the two products. They have distinct differences.


Traditional locks come in basic designs that hold the cylindrical, pin-and-tumbler mechanisms. They fit into doorknobs and other lock locations. Their appearance hasn’t changed much over the years.

When you contact a locksmith near me about smart locks, these designs represent the 21st century. They come with a smooth appearance or minimalist look. They’re perfect for contemporary or modern-style homes. If you have old-fashioned decor, smart homes locks may not blend into your home as well as the traditional locks. You’ll have to weigh the varied aesthetics before making a decision.


It’s an industry fact that traditional locks take a talented locksmith to be replaced or repaired. They’re extremely durable, however, so these situations don’t arise too often for most homeowners.

Smart locks will require a locksmith for installation purposes, but they’re relatively easy to use afterward. Simply pull out your smartphone, sync with the lock and controlling the front door is in the palm of your hand. Smart locks tend to be more convenient than traditional locks overall.

Traditional Locks

Smart locks require power. Depending on the model, smart locks include batteries or hard wiring as part of their design. If you have a power outage, opening the front door may not be possible. This scenario can create a dangerous situation in some cases.

Traditional locks use mechanisms for their functions. You simply require a key. Electricity isn’t part of their design. If power issues are a concern for you, sticking with a traditional lock may be your best choice.

Smart Locks

If you want to let someone in the house with a traditional lock, they must have a key. Passing out extra keys isn’t always the most secure action to take.

Smart locks give you flexibility with remotely unlocking and locking the home for any desired person. Friends and deliveries can enter with your permission while securing the home otherwise from any intruders.


Take a close look at your front door. It might have a strike plate that surrounds the traditional lock already in place. These reinforcements make it difficult for intruders to break the lock and door at any time. A locksmith near me can recommend several different reinforcements for traditional locks that ultimately secure the home.

Smart locks don’t often come with reinforcements. Their design may not allow for strike plates at all. This feature should be evaluated well before choosing between traditional or smart locks.

Locksmith Near Me

Technology requires passwords, from your smartphone to online bank account. In fact, you might have a long list of passwords to keep up with on a daily basis. Keep in mind that smart locks include passwords or PINs, depending on the models. You must know these passwords and change them on a regular basis.

In contrast, traditional locks will only ever require a key. Their manual mechanisms make them simpler to deal with than smart locks. Your locksmith in Philadelphia, PA, can always rekey these locks if necessary, which makes them durable through the years.

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