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Over the years, secure has drastically changed. In past, only the wealthy could afford to put up security around their property. Today, the costs have dropped enough to where most people can invest in secure thieves love to target individuals and businesses who have low because it decreases the risk that they will get caught. Google, “Locksmith near me,” to find a security expert that will shore up security weaknesses at home and at your business.

What Valuables Do You Have?

You have to think of your most valuable assets and think of the secure that you have implemented around it. Don’t leave your best assets without some kind of protection. Jewelry stores, for example, will usually keep their inventory locked behind glass with CCTV cameras on 24/7 surveillance. Car dealerships will often add alarms and security camera to keep the premises safe. Before you begin, you first have to establish your most valuable assets and what measures you have taken already to protect them. You might, for example, lock your jewelry and other valuables in a safe bolted to the floor. A safe should cost 10 percent of the value of the possessions that you’re protecting.

Why a Security Specialist Can Make a Difference

Hiring a locksmith like the experts from DS Locksmith puts someone with expertise at your disposal. They will have a thorough knowledge of the available technologies. First, we will look at the effectiveness of your current system. After we have assessed your current system, we will suggest improvements. No matter how good of a secure system you have, we always search for new ways that you can improve it to stay ahead of criminals.

The reasons to hire an expert locksmith for secure assessment include:

  • Expertise

  • Access to advanced technologies

  • Analyzes the risks

  • Ranks your through expert assessment

Security Needs

A locksmith who assesses your property will usually walk through the property to look at potential exploits that criminals could use to gain access. They can help you to look at your business with fresh eyes. Many times, we don’t see the weaknesses of our property because we get so used to it. Doing this yourself, you might begin from the outside of the property and look at your property from the parking lot. Think how a criminal would. Do the doors look visibly secured? How many windows look accessible? Does the property have any poorly lit areas to hide in?

Once you have examined the exterior of the property, next you will go to the inside. You will look at the ways that someone might try to access the building. Look at the current secure measures that you have implemented and think about where you’d like to upgrad.

Why Security Assessments Matter

You want to know how well you’d be protected in the event of a burglary. Good secure works in the background unnoticed, but when you have to fall back on it, it performs its job well. A secure assessment will test the secure that you have put in place. It will look at ways that you can improve.

Follow Good Security Practices

Good security practices stop you from becoming a victim. You could take every precaution and still have a burglar target your property, but good secure practices lower the risk that it would happen. What do good secure practices mean? This means not leaving yourself open to becoming a victim. For example, lock the doors of your home before leaving for work. Don’t leave anything valuable out in the open. Many times, burglars will look through the windows of a property to see if you have anything valuable. They want to know the risk and whether it would be worth it if they broke into the property. If they see a $500 violin out in the open on the couch, they might wonder what else they can steal from inside that is valuable. Lock your valuables away and not out in the open.

At a business, good secure practices might mean having your locks rekeyed every six months to two years. The frequency depends on how many employees you have working for you. If you fired a particularly bad employee, you may want to call a locksmith to have the locks rekeyed.

How Well Placed are Your Security Camera?

When you Google, “Locksmith near me,” they can look at the placement of your surveillance cameras to ensure that you have placed them in the ideal positioning. You want to place them in an area where they will have a full view while being out of reach to tamper with. The most optimal places to install security camera include front doors, back doors and first-floor windows. Burglars love to gain access from places like this.

Understanding the Responsibilities of a Locksmith

Many people don’t realize that a locksmith can do more than open locks. The responsibilities of a locksmith include:

At DS Locksmith Lansdale, we deal with anything that has to do with secure. We help to protect your home and assets. Unfortunately, we live in a world where you have to take active measures to protect yourself. The average burglary at a small business costs $3,000, and that only accounts for a single burglary. Many times, criminals will hit a property multiple times because they feel more comfortable and familiar with it after the first time.

You may want to acquaint yourself with the local locksmith business. In doing this, you will understand who to call in an emergency. DS Locksmith North Wales can help you with assessments, upgrading locks or opening them. Locksmiths also ensure that you have installed the lock correctly so that it defends you in the event of an attempted burglary.


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